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TypeFont is a program that identifies the font of a text in a picture - IS IT WORTH € 5000?

David: Vasile, You have some interesting projects on Agora, TypeFont is just one of them. Would you like to tell our readers about yourself?

Vasile: I’m Vasile Pește, I come from a small village in Romania. Thanks to my mother, at the age of six I had my first computer, and here everything started: few years after I wrote my first program in Python and I've never stopped learning since that day. At sixteen I was lucky enough to get my first job as a programmer for iubenda, one of the best startups in Italy, at this time I'm still working for them as a Front-end Developer.

David: What One Skill Makes You the Most Qualified for Your Current Position?

Vasile: I’m sure that passion and willingness to learn are one of the keys to being the most qualified for this position. I don't know if they could be defined as skills, but I know they are something passive, that might allow you to achieve almost any skill you desire. This applies not only to this role but for every discipline.

David: What Excites You Most About Your Project(s) You Posted On Agora?

Vasile: Well they are gaining a little bit of visibility and this is nice, it makes me feel valued for the time I spend on them, I’ve never asked anything back.

David: Why Should Our Readers Vote For Your Project?

Vasile: If my project doesn't solve your problem you probably have no interest in voting it. But if you like the idea behind Vision, my project that unveils the technologies used on websites you may vote it. I am creating an extension for Google Chrome, soon people without technical knowledge will be able to use it.

David: What Was The Coolest Project You Contributed To?

Vasile: To be honest until now I spent my time only on my projects. Few contributions to other projects but not relevant. One of the coolest projects I have been working on is Typefont, a program that identifies the font of a text in a picture, it’s cool because the difficulty lies in comparing two shapes and establishing a perceptive similarity between them. I learned a lot of things while working on it.

David: Do Your Boss And Colleagues Know You Have Side-Projects?

Vasile: Yes, I talk about them sometimes at work. In the projects I do at work, sometimes it happens to use code that I wrote in my side projects!

David: What Do You Think Developers Need In 3 Words?

Vasile: The ability of Abstraction!

David: If You Won The €5000 Top Prize On Agora, Would You Spend It On Your Project? You do not need to, we are just curious!

Vasile: Not actually on the projects, I posted on Agora, I have other projects not yet published: for instance, I’m creating a game with a friend, it’s a 2D RPG Platform. I’m also working on a project called “GIF-Shirt” in which I’m trying to attach an OLED (flexible) display on a t-shirt for reproducing videos/gifs on it from a smartphone. And many other things in my head… so I would certainly spend part of the prize on my projects.

Vasile: Thank you for this opportunity!

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