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My experience at MLH Local Hack Day: Share with BLAHAJgang MELONsquad

What is MLH LHD: Share & what do we do there:

At LHD: Share, we will have plenty of week-long and daily challenges to keep you busy. Week-long challenges will be accessible for the entire week, so you can hack on them whenever you have free time. Daily challenges are only available for 24 hours after they’re originally posted, so make sure you come back each day to see which challenges you’re going to conquer.

Challenges will range from social challenges urging you to connect with other members of the community, technical challenges that will expand your coding skills, and design challenges to refine your skills as a creator and artist. Some of these challenges will be completed live on our twitch stream, so you can follow along and complete it with the community. We cannot wait to see all that you learn, build, and share.

How I joined LHD Share & the best Guild

I enjoyed & learned a lot at LHD Build and signed up for the Share edition during the last day of LHD Build.
The last Local Hack day's experience was great. But this time I wanted to be a part of more active guild. So I joined BLAHAJgang just after the Guild Joining system opened. I got so familiar with guildmates before the event started.There is squad within the guild called MELONsquad. Most of the details of us is up on this website.

During LHD: Share

Everyone is helpful & funny(everyone just loves memes). We enjoy together & learn together, so it's not tough to earn points for our individuals and guilds.

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