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Intro To Python language

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Python used a lot at many things in learning and jobs let’s start now

1. Web programming

2. Artificial intelligence programming

3. Data analysis programming

4. Programming simple tools CLI ( command line interface )

5. Programming IoT ( internet of thing )

6. Programming of Mobile and Desktop

First, you need to learn python fundamental to keep going for the framework
You can learn it from here:

  1. Web programming:

python used for the backend ( Server-side )
not for design and frontend ( client-side )
and used the framework to be easy and more organized

1.1 Django Framework:

you can build your project and enterprise project

1.2 Flask microframework:

Flask is a microframework for Python based on Werkzeug, Jinja 2 and good intentions.

  1. Artificial intelligence programming: it’s not hard to let us start

2.1 TensorFlow:

An open-source machine learning framework for everyone
and support from a big company and working with many language R, C++, Python and working for desktop and mobile app
The important topic you are able to use in

2.1.1 Translation of Google Translator with word processing
2.1.2 Expected results
2.1.3 Analysis of images of smart cameras
2.1.4 processing of writing only by hand
2.1.5 Working with most APIs and others

2.2 PyTorch:

An open-source deep learning platform that provides a seamless path from research prototyping to production deployment.
In the source of a beautiful source, the most important 8 of them:

  1. Data analysis programming:

Analysis of data from the needs of the most important time and in the future more violin and to clarify the importance of explaining more You have very much data stored in so-called big data and of course, we understand the data you need to analyze and divide data After analyzing it with interest to the marketing and decision-makers in the business and decided the production and quantity required based on information rather than the remaining discretion and salvation
Of course, it is your role that you are converting data into intelligible forms called data visualization, of course, as a basic part

A possible dude is taught with the Python fundamentals of coursera:
Python for Everybody:

It is possible for coursera to specialize in data analysis
Applied Data Science with Python Specialization:

And if I want a place from the first salvation A To Z:

Of course, the most important 15 relay libraries are required in the domain:

Needless to say, it is related to data analysis and AI: sci-kit-learn
You can read about it here:

  1. Programming simple tools CLI ( command line interface )

Here are my simple tools
It’s CLI means Command-line interface
It does not mean that it is easy for programming.
And we can start with the best need possible help you

In every possible need, you need from the first thing you read files to limit the protocol and link them to any need and the existence of APIs violin is not possible to integrate with any API second

The Official Website and Doc are very respectful and tell you every need where:
of course, is a very respectable, highly respectable, highly respected Hitchhiker’s:

I was greeted by a very respectable book

  1. Programming IoT ( internet of thing )

Internet of things: one of the most important areas but a great need for a man Sophia artificial intelligence is not used with our aunt is also used in the factories and the robot and anything material or any idea where Hardware
Enter the remaining on the important Python is a difficult language It understands that what is not the device is not only the language is in the compiler or interpreter translates the language meaning that if not all the devices can accept Python, or if you control the System only on the hardware to understand it

Raspberry Pi:
It is the best framework possible only helps you

And, of course, projects work step-by-step from here:

Concentrate with me and you are working on the project first respond to all the physical requirements and do not forget the wires after having noticed on the plan Connection means after the spirit of the IDE of the USB, but to move the code to the equipment and code Take and make sure the PIN code that each one of the place code Even if you disagree about changing the subject and you and your fiance after a period of concern and if you do not want to modify the need for an increase of your brain as a change of time or distance or speed, even if you work with high volt take off your self because of my sins and took care of safety

  1. Programming of Mobile and Desktop The first thing you hear the programming of mobile and Python says strange but sweet words that the company called Nui worked in Python language Cross-Platform Mobile is a platform for Android, IOS and Windows Phone Using the Kivy framework: Enter the desktop: pyqt or Tkinter is used

You can learn all the countries here:

I am reminded of the game Python because it is very weak and every job in completing the job and not more

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First of all, good summay

Second, can you say "everything Python"? really? if something exists, there is an interface to it with Python and if something can be done, there is a Python library that already does it.

Third, you could have included pentesting and general scripting? Python replaced a bunch of my bash scripts.

Fourth and last, it's just me or your title numbering is a mess?, there probably are Python libraries to fix that you know?

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Ahmed Andaloes

Thanks 😊 i will edit it.