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React Typescript conditional rendering using objects

Lately, I've been looking for a better way to write clean conditional rendering code instead of ternary and && operators and even if statements, because sometimes they can be confusing and I found that I can write the same functionality with objects, it makes the code more readable. let's see how we can write a well-typed object to render a component based on the parent component state and props

export default function Products({state}:ProductsStateEnum)
:ReactElement {
const [_ProductsState, setProductsState] = useState(state)
  const ProductsState: { [key in ProductsStateEnum]: ReactElement } = {
    loading: <Loader width={150} />,
    failed: (
          <Badge bg='danger'>Somethig Went Wrong</Badge>
    done: (
          ({ id, title, image, description, category, price }) => (

  return <div className='row p-3'>{ProductsState[_ProductsState]}</div>
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We notice here that we didn't write any if statement or any operator, based on the state the component will render the React component with key that's equal to the _ProductsState,

Another and better solution from lukeshiru is using functions/components

import type { FC } from "react";

type State = "loading" | "failed" | "done";
type ProductsProps = { readonly state?: State };

export const Products: FC<ProductsProps> = ({ state = "loading" }) => {
    const ProductsState = (
            loading: () => {/* Your loading code here */},
            failed: () => {/* Your failed code here */},
            done: () => {/* Your done code here */}
        } as Record<State, FC>

    return (
        <div className="row p-3">
            <ProductsState />
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in the above code we can render only the exact state components when needed.

tell me if you know another way to write readable conditional rendering options!

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Thank you, your solution is better i'll update the article and use your example and mention your name is that okay with you ?