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Software Engineering Job with $10

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Hey guys, I am going to share my story on how I became a software engineer by just spending $10 USD (NO college degree). 2 years ago I was still in a college doing diploma in electrical and electronics engineering, on my 5th semester I was introduced with one programming subject which changed my life. This is the class where I learn how to code and also where I learn my first programming language (my first programming language was C). I was so passionated about programming since I went to that class.

After my 5th semester, there was no more programming classes for my course. I was so disappointed about it. So when I was on my semester break, I had a lot free time, on that free time I started looking for programming course online. This is where I came through few websites that offer a programming course. Udemy was one of the website, I was so attracted with the course that was offered in Udemy. Without thinking much, I asked my father for his credit card and purchase one of the programming course which just costed $10 USD. It took me around 1 month to finish the course. When I finished my diploma I started looking for a job as a web developer and I manage to secure a job which played a big role in my software engineering career. After I secured a good job I decided not to pursue a bachelor degree anymore. Now I have been a professional software engineer for almost 2 years working with great companies and the most important thing is I am doing the job that I like the most.

Do checkout my GitHub and my LinkedIn.

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Hey Ibrahim,

nice story, nearly identical to mine.

I've learned programming during the day and worked in a factory during the night.
One day I subscribed to a paid course platform and got a certification the first month(which was free !).
Afterwards I got a job that leads to today being employed for 2 years as a Web Developper.

So yeah, I know the feeling :D


Awesome mate. *High Five