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How to fix "Always open in <Container>" not working in Firefox Multi-Account Containers

If, like me, you just decided to explore all the goodness that Mozilla has been developing for Firefox, you might have come across their Tab Container concept:

"Multi-Account Containers is a Firefox add-on that lets you separate your work, shopping or personal browsing without having to clear your history, log in and out, or use multiple browsers. It's an improved version of the Containers feature built into Firefox Nightly and the completed Firefox Containers Test Pilot experiment."

"Multi-Account Containers | Firefox Help"

This is a great feature if you want to keep your work tabs and personal tabs separate from each other, but manage them from the same window. Each container will remember its own sessions, will have its own local and session storage, and allow for certain domains to be marked to "Always open using ".

What was my surprise when I tried to mark DEV to always open using my Personal container only to find out that when I tried to open it in a new Default tab it would ignore my settings for the website!

After some digging I came across the solution on a Github post:
" Websites using ServiceWorkers can't be assigned #822"

They offer a quick workaround for this that involves essentially un-registering the service worker for DEV, and next time you try to open the website again it will open in its correct container.

This is a helpful workaround to know as with more and more PWAs around and create-react-app and other CLIs automatically generating serviceworkers for us, this bug will probably come up again and again until and if a fix is ever found.

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