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What is Orbit UI?

Orbit UI: What's this and how can it make your life easier as a web developer?

You probably know about Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, Foundation framework and several other front-end frameworks/ libraries to build responsive websites and web apps. You wish there were beautifully styled pre-built, ready to use, copy & paste UI components/ blocks that you could use straight away without tweaking much CSS or manipulating lesser CSS classes. Don't you?

This is where OrbitUI at comes into play. Orbit UI is a large stack of pre-built, beautiful modern web components, design blocks, pages and templates to help one prototype and finish web app and websites way faster. You could save 100 of hours of struggle, unproductive prototyping and fails by using ready to play components.

A huge stack of:

10+ Templates (Landers, SaaS, Startup, Agency, App,Web App, Web3, NFT, Portfolio, etc)

20+ Pages (like login, about, contact, team pages, career pages, etc)

40+ Components (Gradient buttons, timelines, avatars, carousels, accordions, cards, forms, sidebars/ drawers, navigation, list and other web elements)

400+ Blocks (Headers, heroes, features/ highlights, about blocks, team blocks, user cards, testimonials, contact forms, blog post blocks, footers, etc)

With pre-built, ready to use design blocks, templates and pages one can choose templates and design blocks to meet their web app/ website needs and develop it easily without struggling with design hacks.

Here are a few design blocks to be shipped with Orbit UI 1.0

Block Examples

OrbitUI Hero example for SEO services

OrbitUI centered hero with screenshot

OrbitUI hero for e-book

OrbitUI hero block with copy to code

OrbitUI features block

OrbitUI features block example

OrbitUI about block example

OrbitUI another about block example

OrbitUI pricing block example

OrbitUI CTA example

OrbitUI loud and vibrant blog posts block

OrbitUI two blocks together

OrbitUI team block example

OrbitUI another team block example

OrbitUI CTA block example

OrbitUI mega process route

OrbitUI testimonials block example

OrbitUI another testimonials block example

OrbitUI contact form block

OrbitUI footer block

Orbit UI 1.0 follows a mobile first design approach and is built around Bootstrap 4.6.x.
OrbitUI 2.0 would be built upon Bootstrap 5. Future plans are to make these design blocks available to TailwindCSS users too.

Orbit UI is currently under development and would be launched in less than two weeks from now. It's available on a discounted pre-order at orbitui

You may know more about Orbit UI or pre-order it at or

Build responsive/ adaptive websites and web apps way faster!
Build something amazing!

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