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Epic battles Apple

It's been 9 months since Epic games tried to bypass Apple's in-app purchases rule on Fortnite, one of the biggest multiplayer battle royale games.

After the violation of the rule, Apple decided to ban Fortnite from the iOS store after which Epic filed a suit on the grounds of the antitrust model.

The whole trial made one thing quite clear, that apple lets an app stay till it is convenient for them.
Recently, the new updates in iOS made it harder for users to set up tile
and the next thing we know is the launch of AirTag.

Apple is very vocal about supporting iOS developers, but are they telling the truth.

During this trial, Microsoft argued along with Epic that iPhone must not be treated like something special. Launching Office on iOS with their own subscription in place of in-app purchases has been another side battle along the way.

An email from Phil Schiller, an Apple Exec, was enough to close the matter from Apple's side which said:

 ## "We run the store, we collect the revenue"
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_hs_ profile image

People need to consider fairness which will hurt them in some way that they might dislike or money-grabbing society. I want fairness but keep in mind a lot of developerss would loose their high income this way. We would (and in my opinion should) have average payments. Top level professionals should not be taken into this measure as they are not majority as in any field they should have a lot more than us average parts. Or as well who works more hours. But the way to start this must be with devs dropping support and not delivering for devices of the companies that do these dirty things. Yes you must ditch the macbook for a laptop of other brand as a start and ignore support for apple products for your software. That forces the company to either change their approah or go down.

aishanipach profile image

One of their software dev actually admitted that this dismissal of apps is quite frequent, I felt so good that he came forward on record. It has to start somewhere.

aishanipach profile image

The story by The Verge covers a lot of great points !

hithisisshreya profile image

Quite an interesting read!

arushikhokhar profile image

Great content Aishani!