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Finally !! A Wordpress Management service,

There have been times when we have thought that we could only focus on our business and forget the worries of managing a website. Now finally a service has arrived. provides WordPress management/maintenance services for all those who want to focus on there business without worrying about managing their website.
There have been many services before similar to it, what's the difference in ? Well, most of the other services are run by business owners and they hire developers to work for them but here everyone is a developer. They call all of them WP Ninja. So you can expect everyone you talk to there, from support to technical help. All developers and all of them capable of helping you in any way possible.

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What's the catch? Are they super expensive? prides itself of having the best rates possible. Because all of them are direct developers hence there cost is less than the normal businesses run by owners and other support persons. The reason behind starting this service is that they all thought they were already giving these services before so why not starting a dedicated business only for this but if you would like them to develop your website, They will be super excited for it.
I have given my Agency website to them for several months now and I have been working on solely on developing my business which has prospered because of this.
If you still couldn't share where to find them. Here is the link:

I will be back for you again with yet another interesting article. Until then goodbye.

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