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Ajah Chukwuemeka
Ajah Chukwuemeka

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Data Visualization as a Service using Digital Ocean App Platform

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The Digital Ocean App platform provides us with an opportunity to deploy our apps without worrying about the infrastructure required to make it available to consumers. The beauty and ease of deployment via Github pushes is great and I would love to be part of the hackathon creating products using this amazing platform.

I would be contesting under the 'Built for business' category. The project I'm working on is a data visualization as a service product. It allows developers and non-developers to upload their JSON or CSV data and retrieve back a visualization of their choice. Non-developers would have the ability to utilize a user interface to upload their files and select the fields that would make up the X and Y axes as the case may be for the different kinds of supported chart types. They would have the ability to download this charts as images and use them in their presentations or reports or in whatever form they want to utilize the chart.

However, developers would have an extra functionality of creating visualizations using an API that they can send data to with the accompanying fields they want to visualization and receive back either the visualization image or its raw data.

Since it's a holiday season, my development pace has been quite slow but I believe that I've made good progress. You can find the repository here: ( I've been able to enable user registration, authentication and authorization within the app and non-developer users can now create visualizations and view their created visualizations.

I hope to continue on this with the API component for developers and as well as subsequently add billing functionality when the product is due.

For now, I'm working on the API component and I'm setting up my repository on Digital Ocean. Hopefully by the middle of the week, I would have these components up and running and by the end of the day, the app would have been deployed to Digital Ocean.

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