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Ajah Chukwuemeka
Ajah Chukwuemeka

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How do you keep up with your programming goals?

I've been programming for a while now and I've always had this yearning to grow even more as a software developer. I always set goals but I don't seem to follow through. Maybe because I am a student studying something in school that isn't really close to Computer science or it's just me.

I would love to hear from seniors, experienced and even inexperienced comrades on how they keep up with their learning goals.

Thanks for your most anticipated response.

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Jake Varness

A lot of the same things that I said in this post I would probably say to you as well. Start out with small things so that time doesn't become a hindrance for your ability to keep up with your goals.

I think what I always run into is that I want to jump straight into something without fully understanding what it is I'm getting myself into. Trying to create an iOS app without much prior knowledge of Objective-C or Swift is one example. Attempting to create a website without ever writing a single line of HTML or JavaScript is another example.

I sometimes try too hard to just jump right in and I don't take the time that I really need to fully understand what it is that I'm doing, or what kinds of features the languages have, or what kinds of tools I can use to make my life easier. What I've found is that starting out with just the simple "how do I run this on my machine" and going from there is helpful.

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Ajah Chukwuemeka

Thanks for the answer. I have read the post and I feel pumped up to start walking by that path.