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Flutter or Native?

Hey everyone, I just wanted to know whether I should go with flitter or native for development of applications, I'm a student with some knowledge of back-end dev, but a school project of mine requires an app to be built. I messed around with both native and flutter a bit, I just loved the way flutter does things. But considering the job market and everything, As I shall invest a lot of time on learning one of the platform pretty well, what should I follow?

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I recommend starting learning flutter because of building cross-platform application is better than a single platform application, It's also easier than start-up working with native tools, I worked with both of them but when anyone asks me a question like that I suggest to learn flutter.

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I personally like React Native, it is very famous and most demand mobile app stack nowadays. But I love to use flutter in the future. I think Flutter will beat react native in 2-3 years from now.

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Naveed Kamboh

Flutter getting famous as it's backed by Google.

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Andre Nunes

From my developer experience Flutter or React Native are great tools to build an app fast that works on Android and iOS. If you need something more platform specific go Native.