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Types of Chatbots & How They Are Helping Users & Businesses

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You might have seen how with the arrival of the latest technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IOT( AI-based) have almost replaced the role of a human being and this could be seen in terms of ROBOTS.


Yes! Here we are going to talk about the revolution that is being brought by CHATBOT. Let’s see how chatbots are making human life entertaining while doing a human task and how much potential it has even for a software development company which is making the software of businesses.

What are chatbots & How do chatbots work? Any idea?

Chatbots are basically software applications that perform like conversational assistants that play the role of human beings or it could be said that they mimic the written and conversational style of human beings but according to the saved data in them.

Well, here we will know what kinds of chatbots are there and in how many sectors they are serving.



Woebot is one of the best healthcare chatbots which is a therapy chatbot that helps in tracking the patient’s mind, determines his behavior patterns that are all based on their responses.


After determining all these activities of the patients, this chatbot instructs with various techniques that might help in cognitive behavioral therapy of the patient.


Another Healthcare chatbot is Meditate that is AI-powered. It is very difficult to continue with your mediation on a regular basis and a lot of people are seen losing their dedication towards it.


With the help of this Meditatebot you can create and manage a daily meditation practice.


Till now, we were talking about the writing chatbots, now here is one of the interesting chatbots that is chatbot on call.

Healthtap is an on-call online doctor that helps to answer queries related to medical health and all. This chatbot is basically connected with labs and pharmacies and is known as HIPAA-compliant medical service.

Melody by Baidu

This is one of the best conversational bots by Baidu which is specially designed to provide accurate information to the doctors in order to prescript with recommendations and various treatment options.



ELIZA is one of the natural conversational programs which was created by Joseph Weizenbaum in 1966. Its design gives the representation of the Rogerian psychotherapist. You can find various sites on the internet that are related to the ELIZA application.

                                       PERSONALITY CHATBOTS


Mitsuku, a four-time winner of the Loebner prize turning test claims that this is the main reason why it is considered to be the best AI conversational chatbot.



This is another AI-powered chatbot that provides you with riddles/clues without the involvement of ads, emails, or other messy marketing.


This chatbot is always ready to chat with you & will stop talking in case you misbehave or insult him. Whenever it answers, looks to be “typing” out answers.


Virtual girlfriend with AI. Build the character for yourself, chat with it, and it will develop different characteristics as it goes.

virtual girlfriend

One of the most interesting and entertaining chatbots which are known as AIBliss, an AI-powered virtual girlfriend who talks with you according to your interest and mostly about the things which give you joy.

The one interesting thing about this virtual girlfriend is that you can treat her in your own way and with the passage of time she will start knowing your interest and will talk accordingly. This is a text-based chatbot.

One of the major benefits of the virtual girlfriend chatbots is that they are beneficial for your personal growth and especially for lonely people who can understand that what actually their life is all about. It is considered that these virtual girlfriends, basically a chatbot are better than psychotherapist!

                                          FUN AND SOCIAL


The jokebot is text-based chatbot which helps in entertaining you with different jokes. Just go for submitting your own joke and this jokebot will provide you with its own jokes.


Quotebot helps in sharing quotes as you just have you submit with your own quotes and it will respond to you with its own quote.


This is such a helpful chatbot as it basically helps you in providing a recipe every day or week. But what actually you have to do?

Basically, you are required to give it a list of ingredients in return it will provide you with recipe suggestions.

                                       NEWS AND WEATHER


This chatbot provides you with personalized weather information on the basis of your zip code while entertaining you with a humorous or witty comment about random things.



This is also one of the weather information chatbots. It helps in providing you with the latest news stories by just clicking on the messenger icon that is available on the CNN Facebook page.

Final words

Now, you must be well acquainted with the various types of chatbots that are making your life entertaining.

It is clear that how these chatbots have almost replaced human beings, so it could be understood that they are reducing the labor costs and various websites owners could be seen making use of these chatbots in place of customer support and all.

It is a win-win situation for both the users & the businesses as the life of the user becomes less-complicated & entertaining & on the other hand, if the user is happy, the businesses can get new users as well as retain old ones which in turn can lead to higher profitability.

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