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20+ Options for hosting our own mail server


Options for hosting own mail server.


Email is still on of the most convenient and widely used communication method. If you are in doubt, try a Search in your favorite search engine (Dockduckgo or Google).

Let's come to the feat of our article. We are going to have a look at our options for hosting our own mail server.

But Why ?

  • We are too caring about your privacy.
  • We need to send too many mails.
  • We don't have much to pay for a service like Mailgun/Mailchimp/GSuite.
  • We want to learn about technicality of emails.
  • More reasons ? Comment below.

Disclaimer: This is not guide to spend spamming emails. I will not be accountable for any legal actions, so approach this with care.

Note:- There is a troll/comedy video related to this heading in Malayalam (language of Kerala, India) film. The essence of that video clip is, a Malayalam speaking guy, purposefully confuses other men with some meaningless or useless jargon at another Malayalam speaking guys(we call our-self malayali/mallu). We use "But Why" in our talks, here and there.


Let's have a look at various options I have come across.


It is hard to have a conclusion. Especially, our requirements might vary on a case by case basis.

Based on your experience/knowledge. Which is the best option ?
What are your why's for hosting your own mail server ?
Anything missing ?
Feedback and suggestions, use comment box below.

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Daniel B.

Maybe you can also add OpenEMAIL.

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you also need a mailserver if you have so many domains but keeping it up and spam free is hard.