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Hello all!

My background is a zillion degrees in CS (BSc, MSc and PhD). But, really, that doesn't mean much of anything. Just that I spent a lot of years involved in education.

During my PhD I became super interested in EdTech, specifically aimed at the k12 market, and cofounded a (now defunct) startup called Alieo Games. Since that, I've worked for another edtech company (Squiggle Park) and am hoping to get back into doing some development on my own projects.

I've dabbled all over the place in languages - AG was done with Django and Postgres. For SP I've been more directly involved in product design and management, and less in code, but I've helped out with some unity and node.js work.

I prefer to prototype out ideas and am less enthused with making sure things are production ready. But, more just aiming to get things working enough for whatever they're to be used for.

I've been lurking around reading posts for a while, hopefully will start contributing more.

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