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The Hactoberfest Snap Gift

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Hey, all HactoberFest fans! Here is a small gift for you all.
Received my swags a few weeks back and was thinking of creating something amazing for Hacktoberfest.
Here is an AR experience for you all using Snapchat. Use the swag received by you all to unlock the experience.
Please do drop a like, share your reviews and do share this post as much as possible.

Used a piece of funky Punjabi music in the background to add fun to the effect. Your name will be displayed on the marker. Created this 3d model to match the colours of Hactober (He looks kinda cool though to be a geek).


  1. Install Snapchat if not already.
  2. Open this link
  3. Click on unlock and bring the swag in front of the camera.
  4. You may want to follow the dance steps, don't hesitate๐Ÿ˜….
  5. Record it with the snap camera button, download the video and share.
  6. Do not forget to send the video, would love it. For any query, drop a message at my Linkedin profile or at
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Keep Hacking, keep growing!

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