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Difference between instanceOf Array and Array.isArray

There are two major differences between instanceOf Array and Array.isArray.

Cross Context Object

In browser, when you access object from different window (such as different iframe from same domain), instanceOf Array will return false. However Array.isArray will return true.

For example,

var iframe = document.createElement('iframe');
iArray = window.frames[window.frames.length-1].Array;
var arr = new iArray(1,2,3); // [1,2,3]

// Correctly checking for Array
Array.isArray(arr);  // true
// Considered harmful, because doesn't work through iframes
arr instanceof Array; // false
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Well internally, all root level (global) functions/constructors such as Array, Object are isolated under the currently executing contexts. Two browser windows or two iframes will have different context and object created in one context will have prototype associated with the context.

When object is accessed in different context, instanceOf will fail to identify object's prototype chain in current context.

Created with Object.create

var a = Object.create( Array.prototype, {});

var b = [];
console.log(a.join()); // it will display '1,2'.
console.log(b.join()); // it will display '1,2'.

Array.isArray(a); // false
Array.isArray(b); // true

a instanceOf Array; // true
b instanceOf Array; // true

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With Object.create, Array.prototype is present in prototype chain of a, so instanceOf Array will be true, as in the context of JavaScript, a has prototype of Array. So all the methods of Array will work correctly on a as those methdos are generic.

But Array.isArray does not check for prototype, it checks if it was created using Array constructor, which internally is a separate type of object in the language it was implemented. Such as in V8, Array constructor will create an object of class V8Array which inherits V8Object. And Object.create will create V8Object. Array.isArray method in V8 will check if the receiver is instance of V8Array class in C++. Similarly every JavaScript engine will check natively, what kind of object it is, rather then checking prototype.

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