A Small Warning About Unsplash

akfaew profile image Michal Mazurek Originally published at jasminek.net ・Updated on ・1 min read

Unsplash is a great website. It's a free and open library with a ton of beautiful pictures. You can use them however you wish and you don't need to add attribution, though I'm sure your readers will think more highly of you if you do.

Sounds perfect, so where is the catch?

It's so great that it's the go to source of graphics for a lot of bloggers. The same images are reused over and over again.

I feel like this guy keeps following me everywhere:

This guy

I used that very same picture for my own article not long ago. Then I saw someone else using it as well. And then I saw it again. And again...

They know

Unsplash is well aware of the high volume of reuse and in December 2019 they decided to capitalize on it.
They know

What can you do?

Don't want your article to be part of a clone army? Then at least check your image with Google's Reverse Image Search before publishing.



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Thomas Bnt

Unsplash is the best platform for beautiful and quality photos. It's really helpful that they're free and resourceful. Contrary to other platforms of this style where you have too strict conditions and images generally not beautiful, you will be sure that on this site you will have some.

In 2019 December, they came out Unsplash for Brands

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Michal Mazurek Author

Thanks for the link. I updated this post to include it.

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Daniel Canetti

I agree - this is why I've started to going much deeper into my searches to find the right one when I need them! Seems like so many people just hit the first page and take one from there.

Guilty of using that image in the past by the way!

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Michal Mazurek Author

Yeah, me too. And then I found it on some other blog. And then again. And again...

rimutaka profile image

Heh. Nice dig, Michal.
I wonder if that guy that follows you is even aware he is stock. It looks like a casual pic taken with a smartphone.