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What is bootstrap and why you Should and Should'nt be using it?

Hello, my name is Akshay, i completed my Bachelors in mechanical engineering and currently self teaching myself Web development.
In this article we are going to learn about What is bootstrap and why/when one should/should'nt be using it, Lets get started.

So if you are reading this probably(on an average case )either you are begining/intermedite in CSS or you would have finished CSS tutorial, and i am going to cover all the above cases.

So what is BootStrap?

So bootstrap is a frontEnd framework(CSS and few Js to be precise) used to create beautiful websites,which is created by Twitter for their employees(Dev's) so they can re-use all the existing style,since majority of companie have very minimalistic style and colors and they dont want their employee grind through whole desigining process.

So How can we use Bootstrap in our Project?

Well it is very simple, u can download BootStrap using Node,u can use various extensions available in VS code to create a boiler plate or we can just copy paste CDN links in our HTML page.
TO learn to add BootStrap design in our HTML then first go through Bootstrap documentation to undestand and to know what are the different styles/components offered by bootstrap BootStrap Documentation IF you had gone through it then you would known that its simple as adding a bootstrap class name to your Class tag to give that design.

So when and why one Should'nt be using Bootstrap?

So if you are a beginner/intermediate CSS learner then i would highly suggest you to Complete the CSS course, then use bootstrap,
i know that it must be feeling overwhelming to add beautiful Designs to your website but hear me out..

  • So Bootstrap is pretty much interesting, you would think it is easy to add those custom design style, and moreover you would also end up thinking why one need to learn all those CSS when you alredy have custom made style ready for you which is pretty demotivating and take away your design thinking and creativity In fact i crated my first website called TinDOg(catchy :p-) using bootstrap and i was so proud of it, take a look TinDog COde

TinDog Live

  • If the above thought occurs to you, then the chances of you learning new CSS stuff will be pretty low which intern would affect your CSS learning growth which directly affect you in interviw
  • Last and final thing is you get used to it if you use it heavily, then you might also go through i went thorugh, i was also overwhelmed by it at begining but after some times i was getting bored of those Button styles, whenever i would see a website made of Bootstrap i would pretty much easily recognise it and it would pretty much decrease my interest in exploring the website further.

So when and why one Should be using Bootstrap?

If you are a guy who just completed CSS and planning to move on to Javascript or probably doing some projectcs/task to improve your Javascript DOM/React then i would highly suggest you to Use bootstrap, here is why

  • If you are doing/practising DOM/React then nobody wants you to spend hours just designing/perfecting a button, it doesnt really make sense inturn i want you to put your complete effort on Javascript DOM/Project, doing this you wont loose much time/energy and you would'nt feel the burnout. When it comes to front end people spend majority of their time learning HTML/CSS becuase those were the first terminologies we hear when it comes to front end, by the time we reach Javascript, we would'nt be having that much of Energy/enthusiasm, and here is the major thing, people see few website/app think Web Dev is only about HTML/CSS, i did too,until i was introduced to the language of Gods(Jaavascript :-p) Then i learnt one thing hard way that whatever companies present out there, they manjorly focuses on Building/designing new stuff rather than just giving new colors/ border, that is why we see FAANG and allmost all tech giant use same pattern in their parent as well as child products, so that is why even they create CSS component library and UX designers so their DEV's doesn't spend much time on choosing colors and borders, if Dev's have OCD then thats a different topic, by following my first point on why one should youse,one can easily get hold of using CSS custom made component/library and when they end up in Front End dev job in big tech companies they wouldn't feel difficulty in implementing CSS from companies CSS library in to their App.. SO yeah thats it, hope you liked my thought, All the best for your Future

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