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What is start-up MVP and How to build it using software development?

Start-ups are filled with energy and radiate positive vibes that make you feel uplifted and believe that everything is possible. And you can tell why - the people who create them are the strong believers that really have the potential to change the world with their ideas.

However, the enthusiasm alone does not make the trick of making the complex and groundbreaking idea manifest. To bring a beautiful unicorn from a dreamland, start-up founders should attract enough financial resources, stay within budget/time frames, and present a product or service of the highest quality. Although each of these vital start-up survival points can seem difficult to achieve, there is a way to make it less stressful and more beneficial - start-up software MVP.

In this article, we will dive into the concept and tell you:

  • What is MVP;
  • The major benefits MVP carries for start-ups;
  • Tips on how to create a software start-up MVP.

What is Minimum Viable Product

Basically, MVPs are the product prototypes of a new age. As the old-fashioned prototypes MVPs show the feasibility of the product’s idea and convince investors that they will benefit from putting their money on it.

With all the technologies around, the concept of a product prototype has shifted a lot and brought the term MVP into play. Now, it’s more related to the software/hi-tech types of products. Minimum Viable Product or MVP also refers to the software development paradigm that is used to create mobile/web applications or other software with a minimal set of features. MVP is used to present the product to investors and early adopters faster and then continue adding new features, while the business is on the go.

Benefits of MVP

The MVP development approach has found more popularity among start-ups (especially software development ones) than any other type of business. This popularity comes from the software MVPs’ specificity and a plethora of benefits this kind of project delivery brings to start-ups.

Fast project launch

As MVP includes only the basic features of your start-up application, it won’t take long to deliver it. Quick time-to-market allows you to test your ideas and get your first dividends at an early stage of your start-up project development. In addition, MVP release is an essential milestone that can mark the beginning of the next (first) investment round, making your product more mature and attractive for investors. Average MVP software development project takes only 3 to 6 months.

In this case, Felmo is a great instance of a start-up project that flew and attracted around $10 million during the second investment round, after their MVP release. Lars Giere, the start-up founder had the idea to bring vet services online or right to the clients’ homes. To make the idea work, he needed to build a mobile application and turned to Akveo start-up software development company. Having professional app developers and the best cross-platform app development technologies behind their back, Lars & Felmo's team got a complete and functional MVP in 6 months, ensuring the quality of their start-up mobile app. Currently, the start-up scales up and invests in further app development, expanding its staff and services.

Interface of Felmo start-up mobile application MVP

Lower expenses

You don’t need an army of developers and spend a fortune to build an MVP. A compact team of seasoned start-up software developers will be enough to create quite a performant MVP and test your start-up idea in action. Also, MVP allows you to save money on app rebuilding because you will add functions and design your application hearing clients’ feedback.

Early incomes

If you need a web or mobile application to get to the customers online, an MVP can help them connect with your services online and start bringing you an income from the start. To be able to make an order of your service, customers won’t need a special UI design and advanced functions. However, it is important to provide your customers with an excellent user experience. That’s why it’s wise to start investing in further start-up application development to take roots in the hearts of your customers with an excellent UI/UX and performance.

For example, the Uber mobile application was an MVP in the early stages. It had a plain design and the only function to connect a taxi driver with a client and display their location. Being released fast, the Uber MVP brought the start-up its first income and customer base earlier.

Uber MVP interface.

Reduce risks

Building MVP helps you to avoid tricky situations down the road. It makes clearer the vision of your product and the implementation process due to the customers' feedback and workflow test. With that, you won’t need to feel around or exercise a hit-and-miss method. In this way, your start-up software development process becomes more predictable so you can also improve your budgeting and time management.

Reassure investors

MVP is a strong argument during your project presentation to the investors. Vivid slideshow and convincing speech are all important but if you have something tangible to support your words. You can present your MVP even with the initial demand analysis that will prove that the feasibility of your project’s idea. That would be a great indicator that the investments will pay off and grow as your product develops.

Get the early feedback

MVP allows collecting user feedback on the early stages of the app development process. It enables you to adjust the app’s elements while it functions rather than remaking the code of a fully-fledged solution. Rebuilding an app’s core elements is extremely daunting and requires additional resources. With MVP and the proper attention to your customers’ sentiments, you can save your money and make your start-up raising process more pleasant.

Tips on how to build

After igniting your urge to create an MVP for your start-up, we’d like to give you some tips on how to organize this process. They will help you to make the maximum profit from your MVP and avoid the unnecessary hustle.

Plan your MVP development process

It is crucial for your start-up's successful launch to know the exact release date. Detailed planning can give you an accurate date so you can build your promotion campaign and jumpstart your project in the best way. After the release, you’ll need to create a thorough timeline for the expansion of your app’s functionality.

A thorough project delivery plan with a timeline and milestones on it will become a sort of a start-up game playthrough. If the plan is based on factual information, you will stroll through the valley of the dead start-up ideas harmless, jumping over all the booby traps.

Choose the right tech stack

Another crucial aspect of a start-up software MVP development is the technologies and programming languages. Depending on the specifications of your solution, you can choose from dozens of trusted development frameworks and libraries. For instance, you can leverage React or Angular for web app development. React Native or Flutter will be a great option if you’d like to create a cross-platform mobile app to work on Android and iOS as well.

Again, your project requirements and budget frames define the tech stack you choose. Speaking of project requirements, you should keep in mind the early post-MVP period of your solution development. It is crucial for you to leverage the technologies that will provide you with seamless scaling, 3d party tools integrations, custom designs, and complex features as your start-up expands into a stable enterprise.

Hire a start-up software development company

You can find companies that offer special conditions for start-ups. Faster development process, you won’t lose your time on hiring individual developers and team-leads because mature and professional start-up software development companies accompany you on each stage of your start-up software development including discovery phase, MVP creation, further solution development, and post-release support.

Partnering with professional developers frees you from the whole world of concerns that come up when you take the MVP development process organization in your hands. Choosing a tech stack, creating a project delivery timeline, and overall app development process management becomes the responsibility of a software development company. Therefore, you will be able to focus on other essential tasks like building your brand, creating your business development strategy, etc.

In conclusion

Here you go! With a clear understanding of MVPs’ benefits and tips on how to establish your MVP development, you are ready to set off your own. If you need some additional guidance on the process or wish to discuss your case with our start-up MVP development experts, call us. Akveo start-up software development company provides a full spectrum of start-up MVP development services including web/mobile apps development, start-up consulting, QA, cloud, post-release support, and design services that are truly amazing.

In addition, we offer a free/discounted discovery phase for start-up projects to help our clients get into the process and test the viability of their ideas in regard to the latest technologies. Akveo company has an affiliate software start-up UI Bakery and 5+ years of hands-on start-up and enterprise-grade software development experience. We create custom MVPs and fully-fledged applications from scratch for different industries and have a number of great success stories with our partners.

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