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Generate .mobileconfig files to make mailbox set-up a breeze for your clients

Ever heard of .mobileconfig files?

.mobileconfig are small .plist files that can be used to deploy a configuration payload for various settings and apps on iOS and macOS devices.

Traditionally, they're used to set-up mailboxes that utilize custom a custom domain name or custom IMAP hostnames without the need to manually enter your mailbox username, password, and other data on each device.

This make is very useful for deploying a mailboxes to multiple devices with ease, and makes it extremely easy to deliver access to mailboxes you host for you clientele, employees, or partners.

They can skip all the complex manual configuration and simply tap on the .mobileconfig file you've sent them to automatically configure their inboxes.

Generated `.mobileconfig` file

I found myself manually creating .mobileconfig files too ofter, so I built a solution I'd like to share with the world.

Here's how you can generate .mobileconfig for your mailboxes.

Utilizing the web-app is quite simple. Just enter your mailbox credentials including your IMAP + SMPT hostnames, usernames and passwords, and the intelligent super-computer robot will generate your file and present you with a button to download it or a button to copy the URL, should you chose to send it to someone.

The web-app also features a API, which allows you to enable your app to generate .mobileconfig files programatically.

API Preview

You can also preview the .plist file live on the website after it's been generated. Take a moment to read through and learn how they work. You could copy the contents of the preview into your own email.mobileconfig and it'll work just like the one the web-app offers for download.

The absolute best part about the web-app is that it does not store anything and does not have a database, so you can live 100% confidently that your data won't ever be misused. The source of the website + API is open source available on GitHub.

Now you're a master of all things email.

Never again spend 45 minutes explaining to your grandma how to set-up her custom email inbox you've set up for her.

I want to mention my happiness with the services at Vercel which make this little app possible. The website uses Next.js and Vercel's Serverless Functions to make this possible.

Do yourself a service and check out Vercel, and while you're at it... why don't you follow me on Twitter?


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