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Here are a few of the top tech terms you need to be familiar with!

Euclidean distance

The Euclidean distance is pretty much the most common use of distance. In most situations in which people are talking about distance, they are referring to the Euclidean distance. It examines the root of square distances between the coordinates of a pair of objects.


Stemming, in Natural Language Processing (NLP), refers to the process of reducing a word to its word stem that affixes to suffixes and prefixes or the roots.

Support operations

Support operations is a team that is specially dedicated to supporting your customer support team. They’re responsible for putting in place all the things that your support team needs to best serve your customers.

First Contact Resolution Rate

Your First Contact Resolution (FCR) Rate is a measure of your ability to resolve the issues that your customers face in their very first interaction with you.

Customer Touchpoint

Customer touchpoints are the points at which customers have interactions with your business. These touchpoints significantly impact your customer experience and the perception of that your customers have of your business.

Multi-Channel Support

Multichannel support is customer support that is provided on multiple channels and touchpoints, rather than forcing customers to reach the organization over just one channel.

Cosine similarity

Cosine similarity measures the similarity between two vectors of an inner product space. It is measured by the cosine of the angle between two vectors and determines whether two vectors are pointing in roughly the same direction. It is often used to measure document similarity in text analysis.


A hyper-heuristic is a search heuristic that automates the selection, combination, generation, and adaptation of multiple simpler heuristics. It does this to solve complex computational search problems that any of those simpler heuristics could not effectively solve on their own. To achieve it, it often uses machine learning techniques.

Kernel method

Kernel methods are types of algorithms that are used for pattern analysis. These methods involve using linear classifiers to solve nonlinear problems. Essentially, kernel methods are algorithms that make it possible to implicitly project the data in a high-dimensional space.

Behavioural Analytics

Behavioral analytics is an area of data analytics that focuses on providing insight into the actions of people, usually regarding online purchasing. It’s used in e-commerce, gaming, social media, and other applications to identify opportunities to optimize in order to realize specific business outcomes.

Cognitive Search

Cognitive search uses artificial intelligence to contextually find and deliver information. It understands the user’s intent, the patterns, and the relationships that exist within the data and pulls information that is extremely relevant to the user’s query.

Dependency Parsing

Dependency parsing involves exploring the dependencies between words in a sentence to gain an understanding of its grammatical structure. It breaks sentences into multiple components and works on the concept that there are direct links (or dependencies) between every linguistic unit in a sentence.

Inbound Call Centre

An inbound call center is a call center that primarily or exclusively handles inbound calls (calls initiated by customers or prospects). Agents in inbound call centers essentially provide reactive support while those in outbound call centers are proactive.

Ensemble Averaging

In machine learning, particularly in the creation of artificial neural networks, ensemble averaging is the process of creating multiple models and combining them to produce the desired output, as opposed to creating just one model. Frequently an ensemble of models performs better than any individual model because the various errors of the models "average out."

Technological Singularity

The technological singularity—or simply the singularity—is a hypothetical point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, leading to unforeseeable changes to human civilization.

Theory of computation

The theory of computation is a theoretical branch of Computer Science and Mathematics, which mainly deals with the logic of computation with respect to simple machines, referred to as automata.

Voice Recognition System

Voice or speaker recognition is the ability of a machine or program to receive and interpret dictation or to understand and carry out spoken commands. Voice recognition has gained prominence and use with the rise of AI and intelligent assistants, such as Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana.

Twitter Bot

A Twitter bot is a software program that is specifically created for the most popular social media platform - Twitter.
With a Twitter bot, you can automate various social media activities, such as retweeting or liking posts and content, so as to encourage engagement.

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS)

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is a cloud-based delivery model which allows businesses to add real-time communication features & capabilities to their own business applications without having to develop their own communications solutions.

Customer Personas

A customer persona (also known as a buyer persona or consumer persona) is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer. The personas are created by compiling data that is gathered through market research with actual data about your existing customers.

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