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Alejandra Quetzalli 🐾
Alejandra Quetzalli 🐾

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✨ I'm getting PUBLISHED ✨

✨ I'm getting PUBLISHED ✨

My most recent book proposal was accepted by not 1, but 2 publishers! I'm humbled to have been given the opportunity to select to work with Apress.

📚 Designing Developer Documentation as a Product
🗓 Early 2022

It doesn't feel real quite yet, but looking at the official Apress contract sure helps make it real! Eeek!

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A big thank you to @dabit3 who first introduced me to contacts in acquisitions at both Manning and O'Reilly. Next thank you goes to Corey Quinn for pushing me to not go with the first publishing house that accepts me. He also introduced me to Apress folks.

I've dreamed and had the goal of getting published since I was 8 years old. It still feels unreal to me! I am so excited for the dream to come true! This vid is a little longer than 5mins, but I wanted to tell my story, so worth it.😁

Lastly, thank you all who are responding with such enthusiasm already to my book! 📚🤗

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Serhii Vasylenko

That is a-w-e-s-o-m-e! Congratulations!!! 🥳

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Farhan Hasin Chowdhury

Congratulations Alejandra 🎉

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Super happy for you amiga!

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Alejandra Quetzalli 🐾

muchas gracias amigo... abrazote :)