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Learning Unity3d... 🀯

So, I decided I need to learn. Not only I'm trying to keep myself concentrated (which I think is my biggest problem) to finish anything, I'll try to write things in English just to trains myself more. I still expect to use Google Translator to make sure I'm writing something understandable, but things tend to get better, right?

I always had this dream of being a game developer. To build something that others enjoy, have fun, to allow the player to experience emotions with something you built, made me think that I need to follow this route. Everything is a little cloudy on my thoughts: I know some programming, but I don't know anything about game design, and much less about drawing/modeling. So I think there'll be a lot of hurdles in this journey (like always).

Enough with this presentation: I'm using the Unity3d tutorials from their own site ( Still trying to memorize the terminology used, the panels on the IDE (Hierarchy, Project, Inspector), but so far so good. It's only two days since I began (with weeks of interval between them 😬), so obviously everything is the most basic possible.

The last step I did until this post was to build a scene where a ball would go from point A to point B without touching the floor. This probably took more time than necessary, because I wanted to make something more elaborated, but it ended as simple as could get. I've put some textures from the Asset Store to make things more pretty, but that's it.

The result can be seen here:

I'm hopeful that someday I'll create something that will make me proud of myself.

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All the best for your journey!

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Alessandro Freitas

Thanks! This means a lot to me.

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