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Alexa Steinbrück
Alexa Steinbrück

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Boilerplate/Starterkit for framework-less Frontend projects

Hello lovely community!
Do you know about any boilerplate tools ("starter kits", "bootstrap tools") for kickstarting simple Frontend projects that don't require a JS-framework? Basically like create-react-app, but for vanilla javascript. My main motivation is to cut down on set-up time and to become productive immediately.

It should also provide support for:

  • Transpiling (Babel)
  • SASS
  • Module bundling
  • Linting
  • Minification

I was searching on Github, but couldn't really find any repositories matching my need. Maybe the framework-less approach is slowly becoming extinct?! Anyway, I am thankful for your ideas!

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Alexa Steinbrück

Found this Medium article. Looks reasonable!

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Raj Shekhar Dev

You could try laravel-mix. Even though optimized for Laravel, it works fine even without laravel.