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Import your GitHub or GitLab repository directly into Deno is a open source Deno package proxy operating on the Cloudflare Edge Network.

You can use it to import your private/public GitHub/GitLab repositories into Deno 😎.

URL Helper

You can use the interactive form on our homepage to generate a valid link to your package in seconds.

Just drop the URL of your repo and let the magic happen ✨. Homepage

How to use it with private repositories

For private repositories simply generate a private access token and proceed like stated out here.

Share a URL to your package

Install Instructions

If you want to share your package with some friends, it could be helpful to also send them some basic usage instructions. Just add /import/ after the domain and you're good to go.
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Contribute, it's open source

If you love as much as I do, you can help me making it better and implementing new features by contributing on GitHub.'s GitHub Repo

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