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alexandprivate profile image Alex Suarez ・1 min read

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CSS is a very, very important part of APP development, but if you only write CSS for the APPs you build (like you probably do), it may happen you end it up forgetting some CSS "useful" tricks and combinations. So how can you become better at writing CSS? There's a lot of ways but I for example decided to dare my self to develop an object design entirely on CSS, without images or SVGs. So now you have to stay at home, try to build some cool illustration entirely on CSS, no matter if took you 1h or 1 day, the point is training. Here is mine https://codepen.io/alexandprivate/pen/RwPoyme

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Surely great!
I am starting as a css guy.
Would you mind helping me?
We can get connected anywhere you like : twitter, facebook, instagram, telegram