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Open-sourced 4 SaaS kits - Vue, Svelte, React, and NET

Download a front-end or a full-stack boilerplate to start your SaaS at

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Why open source?

After 2 years of making the first commit to my (Vue2 + NET) boilerplate and then making 3 more SaaS kits with (Vue3, Svelte, and React), I found the best stack I've ever used: Remix + React + Tailwind CSS.

This is a good time to focus 50% (I want to make it full-time) on my enterprise-level SaaS boilerplate with Remix 💿 and open source my other SaaS kits.

GitHub repositories

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Front-end only:

Or with a .NET back-end:


All of these have the same stack under the hood:

With SaaS pages:

Existing customers

If you're an existing customer of a back-end edition, you get my Remix SaaS kit for free, currently v0.2.5.


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