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New feature suggestion: map

A map
Hello guys! is so cool that I can't stop thinking about it.
So today I'd like to introduce you to the new feature suggestion: The Social Networking Map!
I think that programming is about communicating with each other and it's always interesting to know what area your mesh is covering, so here is the proposal:

Add new section to settings page with a map of globe, where 3 different type of connections could be viewed:

  • who is following you
  • who are you following
  • and (probably) network of tags

Giving that it is possible to easily convert that numbers (following\followers) into the beautiful map.

There are different possible suited types of map, to name some of it:

Color of the lines could be taken from the user's color preference.


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Darkø Tasevski

Besides some privacy concerns which will follow up on this, it's not a bad idea. I guess that User will have to give permission for displaying location to other users if the location displayed is more than just a country of residence. Just my 3 cents :)

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Alex Bender

Sure thing this feature should be implemented with privacy concerns. Usually I don't share my location at all, not even country.
Thanks for commenting!

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Ben Halpern

Yep, this could be fun. As a matter of privacy, we usually under-collect, or make it inconvenient for even us to access it, so some of this isn't all that available even at the moment.

But along these lines, we could definitely make something like this.

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Alex Bender

That would be wonderful! Thanks!

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Alex Bender

Yes you can share it already. It's just a feature request.
This kind of interface could make appearance of your followers more real than just an integer counter. Also, knowing how many there persons of your kind always interesting. And it's fascinating to look how does that mesh spread.