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ClassCord, verified student-focused discord bot made in Python

A year ago, when I started programming and gained some concepts I decided to create a discord bot to improve my skills.
I decided to create a bot focused on students and teachers and I didn't think at all that it would be used on so many servers!

But... what is classcord?

Classcord is a bot designed to focus on the world of education and improve productivity. With classcord we adapt discord to these areas so that any user without high technological knowledge can use it.

What functions does it have?

Currently it has functions such as a study tracking, the pomodoro method with access to statistics, a reminder system, events...

What have I learned from this project?

Thanks to the development of classcord I have improved a lot, as it has made me take my first steps in deploys and configurations of VPS, databases, among others... as well as improvement in git.

Want to try ClassCord?

If you want to try ClassCord here is the website to add it!

Are you interested in contributing to the project?

Currently the classcord code is private, but the website is open source so anyone can participate in improving it. I am totally inexperienced in web so any contribution would be great for me! Here is the repo:

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