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Spring Boot Admin Prometheus Service Discovery

SBAPSD - expose your Spring Boot Admin registered applications for Prometheus monitoring.


Monitoring your applications is crucial for maintaining a healthy system. Spring Boot Admin is a popular tool for managing and monitoring Spring Boot applications, providing a central dashboard to visualize application status and metrics. On the other hand, Prometheus is a powerful open-source monitoring and alerting toolkit that has become the go-to solution for many developers. When you're using Spring Boot Admin to manage your applications and Prometheus as your monitoring solution, it's essential to find an efficient way to expose application instances to Prometheus. That's where SBAPSD comes in. This new Java library allows you to expose application instances registered in Spring Boot Admin in Prometheus HTTP service discovery format, making it easier to monitor your applications without any additional manual configuration or setup.

✔ SBAPSD is the perfect solution if you already have a setup with Spring Boot-based applications registered in Spring Boot Admin and want to introduce a monitoring stack based on Prometheus without manually adding each instance to the scrape configuration or setting up any other service discovery tool.

Getting Started with SBAPSD

SBAPSD can be used in two ways: as a standalone application or as a library integrated into your existing Spring Boot Admin server application or any other app. Here's how to get started with both use cases.

Using SBAPSD as a Library

1️⃣ Add the sbapsd-server dependency to your project:

For Gradle:

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For Maven:

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Make sure you have the Spring Web stack on your classpath, such as spring-boot-starter-webflux or spring-boot-starter-web. It is not necessary when spring-boot-admin-starter-server already added.

2️⃣ Enable the service discovery feature by applying the @EnableAdminServerServiceDiscovery annotation to your main class:

public class App {

    public static void main(String[] args) {, args);

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Using SBAPSD as a Standalone Application

1️⃣ Download the latest standalone JAR from the releases page:

  • v2 is based on Spring Boot 2 and requires Java 8
  • v3 is based on Spring Boot 3 and requires Java 17

2️⃣ Run the JAR file:

java -jar sbapsd-standalone-v2-latest.jar
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java -jar sbapsd-standalone-v3-latest.jar
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Standalone app is also available as GraalVM native binaries for Linux and Windows.

Configuring SBAPSD

Whether you're using SBAPSD as a library or a standalone application, you'll need to configure it by adding properties to your application.yml file:

      type: web
        url: http://localhost:8092/instances # SBA v2/v3
      filters: # optional
        - type: app-name
            value: app-.*
        - type: status
            value: UP,DOWN
      labels: # optional
        static-label-1: value-1
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Finally, configure Prometheus to use the provided endpoints for service discovery:

  - job_name: "spring"
      - url: http://localhost:8080/service-discovery/prometheus/server-1
      - source_labels: [ __meta_discovery_actuator_path ]
        target_label: __metrics_path__
        replacement: $1/prometheus
      - source_labels: [ __meta_discovery_app_name ]
        target_label: app
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With SBAPSD, integrating your Spring Boot Admin registered applications with Prometheus monitoring is super easy. The library simplifies the process, allowing you to efficiently monitor your applications without the need for manual configuration or additional service discovery tools. Give SBAPSD a try and streamline your application monitoring setup!

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