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QA Automation Engineer to Developer


How and what is the best way to make the transition from qa automation to developer, but keeping the same salary limits?

Things i. m good at now, after 5 years:
Java programming
SQL(any flavour)
ci&cd concepts, docker
A lil bit of front (html, css, js)

The reason behind this to escape the QA world as i feel i. m not tech improving myself, all my work is around 4-5 libraries that i know by heart and need to work daily with them.
Programming is more in solving problems, finding best and optimal ways in doing this. I consider it more rewarding on the long term.

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Ken Simeon

The first step is to ask your manager or engineering department leader about the potential of changing your roll from a software quality engineer to a software engineer. When you move within a company they can't change your salary unless its by increasing your salary.

Next step is to show that you are capable of transitioning to a software engineer by demonstrating that you have the skills/abilities. Best way I know how to do that is to;

1 Fix bugs in the code base & submit a pull request to your dev lead (which you'd first be doing when transitioned)

2 Build tools that leverage the same technology your development team uses or that you want to learn. If you need a way to easily track the accumulation of test execution results because you don't have one, build it. Demo it. Make the company depend on it.

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Hi Ken,
Thanks for the reply and for the thoughts.
Point 1 sounds great, point 2 is in develop stage.

Will work more on this, as I think it's a great and productive way to prove myself to the team, project, company.


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Alan Barr

Are you in a place where you can find opportunities in your day to day to ask for more development related work?

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Hi Alan,
Thanks for your reply.
As you mentioned, being able to work on these kind of tasks @work would be the best thing to do. Unfortunately, this is not possible with the current workload that I'm having.

The only option that i'm thinking about is doing projects after work(which i'm currently doing) but would love a code review on that.

If you have any other ideas or inputs you're more than welcomed.