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B+ and Out the Door!

alexlsalt profile image Alex Morton Updated on ・2 min read

This post was originally published on June 15, 2020 on my blog.

Sunny, happy Monday morning. Ready for a great week. A package was delivered to my friend for her birthday (today), which is always a great thing.

My neck is still hurting, but I just did a 20-minute Yoga with Adrienne video and I'm feeling better. Just one of those things you can't rush along, and that's okay.

Yesterday, I worked a bit on my Udemy JavaScript course (that I've actually set on the back-burner since the beginning of April - whoa, time flies). I reviewed some API stuff, which I seriously can't wait to delve deeper into since I know I could create some rad projects once I have a good handle on all that!

I'll probably dabble a little bit more with that particular section of my JS course today (I'd like to figure out an issue that popped up at the end of my study session yesterday).

Other than that, I'm focused on getting things set up for my podcast launch - yay! More info on that to come. For now, it's more website/email/mailing list set-up, etc. You know, the foundations and all that jazz.

But! I'm promising myself not to get all caught up in that and consequently letting it all drag on without a foreseeable end. As I'm learning and trying to implement day after day: 'B+ and out the door!'*

*Altered just a bit from the original 'A- and out the door' from the Unf*ck Your Brain podcast

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