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Be the Creative Director of Your Own Life

This post was originally published on June 16, 2020 on my blog.

One of my key points that I'm going to be talking about in my Codeland talk (P.S. You're invited to tune in!) is the idea of being the creative director of your own life.

So often, we find ourselves positively stagnant when we don't know which direction to take - whether that's in our careers, in love, in learning to program, or just in making one simple-ish decision over another one. It can be jarring and intimidating when we think we'll end up making a "wrong"* decision.

But honestly, when we shift our mindset to being one of embracing all the possibilities available to us (instead of feeling stuck in analyzing the merits of each decision and consequently never making a move), we seriously become so powerful and, dare I say - unstoppable.

By coming to the realization that each decision we make moves us in a forward direction, regardless of the decision, we start to learn to take things a bit less seriously.

We can stay stuck, sure - but why would we want to when we could embrace being the creative directors of our own lives and thus making things happen in heretofore unbelieveable (to us) ways?

I'll talk more about this in later posts - maybe more actionable items - but, then again, who's to say you need actionable items to start taking charge and being the creative director of your own life?

Embrace the choices you make with confidence and never stop pursuing those creative impulses!

*Quotation marks because I don't think 'wrong' is objective, and instead it would just be a decision that creates a *different reality - not better, not worse - just different.

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