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Continuing on with my Wellbean Project

This post was originally published on May 25, 2020 on my blog.

Easy, breezy Monday morning. I'll admit, the past week and a half has been spent in a bit of a funk for me. Totally normal after a big work-push in the couple of weeks leading up to that tired period, so I tried my best to really (really!) step back from pushing myself.

It mostly worked, I think, because today I'm ready to hit the ground running. Well, actually - I hit the ground running last night when I worked for a bit on my Wellbean project again.

It's the same project I submitted for the Twilio x DEV hackathon, but it's different in its user-functionality. While the hackathon project is meant to be run locally on someone's computer, this particular project that I'm now working on is built using Firebase Authentication - so users can use the app on any server and their information will be stored within the app.

I'm pumped!!! I'm also sailing through the inspiration of this epic idea I have for a project on a much larger scale - letting it simmer for a bit while I finish up some other projects.

It's already a good week and it's not even 10am on Monday morning.

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