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Getting Wiser with Pursuing Creative Impulses

Alex Morton
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This post was originally published on May 12, 2020 on my blog.

Here's my learning/progress moment for this morning: Even when I'm struck by the lightning bolt of a great idea, it's not always good to start setting things in motion for that great idea right at the very moment it hits.

Granted, this has been one of the defining factors of my life thus far. I've always believed in the power of feeling the fear and pursuing my creative impulses anyway. They've always led me to amazing places in my life.

But the unfortunate downside to pursuing those creative impulses without proper planning and reflection has always been that they and I get past the honeymoon phase and ultimately fade out, if not mutually deciding to each go our separate ways.

This has happened with projects I still consider near and dear to my heart - the fondest memories of their inception and initial implementation (pats self on back for that unexpected alliteration) coupled with that eventual flickering out of that first all-consuming inspiration.

As I get older, I'm realizing that I'm starting to take a step back and give a nod to the longer view of a project idea. If that doesn't work, I just take it to Arthur who gives me a full dose of reality by questioning its feasibility.

But the thing is - pursuing those creative impulses in spite of their questionable feasibility basically encapsulates the very idea of enjoying the journey in itself instead of putting off all pleasure until the destination.

I pursue creative impulses because there's so much to be learned from the process. If it doesn't work out (and, by the way, what does 'work out' even mean??), it's still so, so, so worth it.

Anyway - this morning, I had a wonderful idea for a project I want to launch...

...That is, eventually.

My past self would have surely scraped all current (and not to mention, important) projects to the side in the single-minded pursuit of this Sexy New Ideaβ„’. But my present self recognizes the wisdom in taking the time to wrap up her current projects and checking back in with this fancy newcomer after a bit of time has passed.

After all, if it's as much of a winner as I consider it to be right this very second, I know it'll stand the test of a few weeks' time.

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