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Saving Creative Work for the Weekends

This post was originally published on January 18, 2021 on my blog.

It's Monday and I'm ready for another great week!

I spent the weekend resting and relaxing, overall. We went for a lovely walk out in the countryside on Saturday, which I always love to do. I also worked a little bit on some creative projects I have going on at the moment.

Actually, it's been really interesting because I've been having to push working on said creative projects over the weekends because I've been trying to conserve as much mental energy as I can for my job.

When I give myself that weekend-constraint, I feel this awesome sense of anticipation and excitement for digging in to the projects instead of feeling otherwise overwhelmed if I were to be pushing myself to do everything every single day.

Also, we had our weekly sync with our cohort of this round of The Collab Lab (an amazing organization with teams mentoring early-career developers - check it out!).

Seriously, every single time I get off a call with my team, I feel so motivated and inspired by the work our devs are doing and the overall dynamic.

It's an amazing way to round out the weekend in preparation for a week of great work.

Here's to a productive week full of inspired work!

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