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You're the Creative Director

This post was originally published on July 21, 2020 on my blog.

Happy Tuesday! We're two (count 'em, two!) days out from CodeLand 2020! Have you registered yet?? >>

I've mentioned before that one of the main points in my CodeLand talk ('Being Utterly Fearless in Your Pursuit of Learning to Code') is about being the creative director of your own life.

I love this idea so much because it seriously flips the script for so many of us from being one of telling ourselves that there's so much we don't know to one of empowering ourselves to explore the limitless possibilities and opportunities we can create for ourselves.

Being the creative directors of our own lives enables us to look at all of the projects or potential projects (i.e. those ideas that are swimming around in our head that we'd love to build upon someday!) and effectively plan out when they'll be completed and altogether brought to life.

And then it's just rinse and repeat from there.

I'm working on some sort of workbook to send out to my email list that will help them plan out and actually carry out work on their creative projects (even and especially if life's busy-ness tends to get in the way, well, all the time).

And if you're not already on my list, consider signing up here >>

See you at CodeLand on Thursday (July 23)!

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