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Git merge specific file from another branch

There are two teams working on the same project and they realize a common problem that was already resolved by one side, but the status of work in each branch is in progress and to make a merge can be unsafe.

How to solve this problem?

There is a safe solution: merge a specific file from another branch. And there is the steps:

$ git checkout <another-branch> <path-to-file> [<one-more-file> ...]
$ git status
$ git commit -m "'Merge' specific file from '<another-branch>'"

That's it!

Here is a more detailed approach.

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marvinkweyu profile image

What this does is replace a file on a branch with the file from the other branch.The actual solution would look like this:

Say I had a file1.txt in branch B I wanted to merge with a file1.txt in branch A.

git checkout A

git checkout --patch B file1.txt
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1.First, get yourself to branch A(Where you want to do the merge).
2.Patch with the file from branch B.

If your file1.txt does not exist in branch A , leave out the option --patch.
Note that once this command is run, you can accept options that will be provided in the terminal. You can choose to accept with the y or regect with n and so on

m3ck0 profile image
Giorgi Jambazishvili

Thanks, this saved my googling time :)

marvinkweyu profile image

Glad I could help

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Jaime Arias Almeida

Thanks a lot !

lejma profile image

this works slightly differently than advertised, it does not "merge" a specific file, it "checks out" a specific file, when you have a different version of your file and you actually want to merge those it doesnt work, git checkout branch filename just overrides yours without any prompt to merge differences

pr00thmatic profile image

this doesn't actually merge the file... it just overwrites it with the version in the another branch!!

marvinkweyu profile image

You're actually right

drbragg profile image
Drew Bragg • Edited

Was literally JUST talking about this today, thanks!

bodhihaven profile image
Jonathan Martin

One of those things I learn today and need to use tomorrow.

sgelbart profile image
Sabrina Leggett

I could only get this to work with individual files for some reason

nirajkvinit profile image
Niraj Kumar

This does not merge the files, instead, this command will overwrite the current file with the incoming file. You should include -p flag