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At the beginning of each month, the kids get together with the teacher to decide what subjects they will cover that month. They estimate how long each topic will take for them to study and make a chart that shows how much work there is for that month.

Each morning, the kids have a meeting with the teacher. They take turns talking about what they learned the day before, what challenges they ran into, and what they plan to work on that day. If there's a problem, say Bobby didn't understand his math work from the day before, then the teacher can sit down with Bobby afterward to help him with it.

As the students complete their work, they mark how long it took on a chart. This allows the class to compare how long the work actually took against their initial estimates. This information can be used the following month to make the estimates better as the class goes along.

The idea is to keep the students focused on the work that they signed up to do at the beginning of the month, so the assigned work should normally not be modified during the month.

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