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How to get query parameter from URL in Google Data Studio

For example, you want to get query parameters from URLs like this:

To simplify the process I use Google Sheets as a data source. But you can use raw data from Google Analytics as well:

Alt Text

When we have this data in Google Data Studio our goal is to have query parameter as separate columns in our report like this:

Alt Text

To do this we have to create, a new field, and use REGEXP to extract the data from URLs:

Alt Text

In code below "q" is the query parameter you want to extract for example "color":

REGEXP_EXTRACT(URL, 'q=([^&]+)')

If you use Google Analytics as a data source, change the URL with PAGE dimension:
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REGEXP_EXTRACT(Page, 'q=([^&]+)')

Now we can create reports based on new fields:

Alt Text

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Adam Jones

This looks very close to what I need.
We have a search page that may have one or more of a collection of about 12 url params added to it, depending on optional settings a user may select when they run a search.

I'm setting these up as follows

REGEXP_EXTRACT(Page, 'swimmingpool=Yes')

Does that look right? And then I'd add them as a "metric" to my report ?