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Bash script to create/delete Apache Virtual Host automatically

I'm a web developer based in Catania (Sicily) that love coding and learning new program languages.
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How to create the virtual host

A simple bash script for Linux (debian-based distro) to create or delete a virtual host from command line interface.
Supports: SSL certificate self-signed (mkcert), PHP-fpm (optional), Mysql database (optional).

Note: This script is only for local development. For production server, Apache requires some security improvements.


  • A debian-based distro like Ubuntu
  • Stack Lamp: Apache, PHP, Mysql (optional), PHP-fpm (optional)
  • mkcert


sudo mv lamp_virtual_host /usr/bin
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/lamp_virtual_host
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cd /path/to/directory/websites/
lamp_virtual_host www.example.local/
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and follow instructions.

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