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Handle your python libraries with mmp

I have been working on a CLI program called mmp. The inspiration to create this program started this year.

I started using yarn for my personal page (link). I fell in love with how easy was to use, but when I came back to my job as a python backend engineer I remember the reality of the language.

We are missing so many things that javascript handlers like yarn and npm have. They don't stop by installing the libraries globally on the system, you can install them locally on a project, and that's the default case because most of the time you want that to happen. Also, they have a custom script that you add to a package.json for you and the whole team that's developing on the project.

This is what we have today

Local libraries just for one project, aren't new to Python, the virtualenv library has been out for years now and handles the local environment great, but is lacking some features that we could use. like automatically updating our readme.txt file and running the programs without the:

$ source virtualenv/bin/activate
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The mmp way

This program runs alongside virtualenv actually uses it at its core. The big difference is how much more natural is to use.

Installation and examples

The project is on alpha so will be getting better, but for now to

If I hype you and you are interested in the program just. Try it out, to install globally use pip like this:

$ pip install mmp
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And to start using the CLI creates a new folder and install some libraries like this:

$ mmp install [your_module]
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This command will create everything that you need to start programming, creating a virtualenv named pip_modules and creating a new requirements.txt adding the module that you installed.

There are a lot more commands that you can use. And if you have any questions about them use the -h flag


More About the project

Here is the documentation page if you have any problem with it and remember the project is Open Source, so if you want to give me a hand just fork the repo


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