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What new features are introduced in React- version 17?

React Fiber(React v16) is amazing and has taken several big steps to enhance the performance of the developer as well as the quality of the applications developed with React. It has introduced several changes in the new version and some of them are as below:

  1. New Lifecycle Methods- The new lifecycle methods are switched with the deprecated lifecycle methods. These two methods are: getDerivedStateFromProps and getSnapShotBeforeUpdate.
  2. Native Component Stacks- In React 17, component stacks are created using a different process to thread them together from regular native JavaScript stacks. This helps you to locate the completely symbolical React component stack traces in the production process.
  3. Removing Private Exports- In React 17, private exports have been eliminated. React Native for Web was the only project that used them, and they have already completed a migration to a new approach that does not rely on private exports.
  4. Optimizing Effect cleanup- In the past, the cleanup feature would run synchronously before the next frame was created. In fact, most apps do not allow screen updates to be delayed while cleanup methods are operating. And now they're going to run asynchronously after React has made the next frame. This is supposed to result in faster switching times between components. You can also use the useLayoutEffect framework to run a cleanup process that blocks the rendering loop.
  5. No More Event Pooling- Event pooling is extremely messed up and does not have any functionality for major browsers. Instead, it might result in some odd bugs when operating with multiple components that experience the same case. One event handler might set an event to be null, so the other components using an event might run into a null variable error. To sum up, the newer version of React will enable users to access event fields anytime you need them.


These are just some of the changes that I noticed. React version 17 has come up with more such changes that will prove to be very efficient in the long run.

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