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Firefox Relay (Beta)

Wait is over for beta testers for firefox relay

  • Firefox relay is a new service by mozilla which offers a free(at least for now) Email forwarding by creating various aliases.It allows you to sign in with your firefox account and make aliases which will forward emails sent to those aliases to your own email address.This service is still in beta and you could only get access by signing up on the firefox relay website.
  • For now aliases are random combination of words and numbers which will be generated upon "create new alias" button.It allocates a simple button which allows you to stop or turn on email forwarding.The aliases generated are disposable by clicking a simple "Delete" button.
  • This service of mozilla is currently allowing to have an individual 5 aliases at a time.while we can delete any alias to generate a new one.

Its time for your thoughts on this service, so what do you think of this project.

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