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Compare well. React or React.js?

Hello everybody. Recently I was searching for differences among hot javascript frameworks: Angular, React and Vue. In most resources the comparisons were among popularity, performance and learning curve. In popularity section, there were some criteria such as Stackoverflow Survey stats, Github stats (stars, contributors), NPM downloads and the one thing I want to talk about: Google Trends.

In most cases Google Trends comparison was unfair. Why? See below image:

Unfair comparison among react, vue.js and angular.

In this chart, the comparison is among these words: react, vue.js and angular. As you can see, “vue.js” line is clung to the bottom while “react” and “angular” lines make more sense. Why this happens? Let’s remove “.js” from “vue.js” term and add it to “react”:

Unfair comparison among react.js, vue and angular.

Can you see it? This time that story happened to react.

So let’s do a fairly comparison, among these terms: “react”, “angular” and “vue” (all terms are without “.js” suffix):

Fair comparison among react, vue and angular.

IMO, this comparison is more fair, real and makes more sense ;)

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