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Top 4 Useful Programming Languages For Bloggers.

A Blog can be run without programming knowledge. But I can say blogging with programming is not good.
To Begin With, If You have to Wish to Start Blogging and Yet You have not known about it So Don't worry.

In this tutorial, we learn What Is Basic Programming Languages Required For Being Blogger.

Programming Is a Part of blogging and Nobody became successful Without this So You have necessary Required Four Basic Programming languages (Html, CSS, Php, JavaScript) for being a good blogger.

As a Blogger, You must have Crack every Difficult Situation when you wish to do some changes on your blog and You don't know Programming hence You can't do anything without that.

If You want to change the theme or do some basic change like some header or footer combination, tags, spacing, width, color combination using CSS and lots of more.

So what??

Here Are The 4 Useful Programming Languages For Bloggers

HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language
CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor
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1: HTML [ HyperText Markup Language ]

Html is a Most common language for every programmer if you decided to learn programming language then first learn Html because every programming language does not start without Html. Furthermore In most of the blogging platform provides you easy access or user-friendly support like WordPress or Blogger offer you easy editing option but little inside into Html suitable for you.

HTML is really easy you can learn at Youtube or W3schools websites.

2: CSS [ Cascading Style Sheets]

Css is a Second major language for blogger. CSS helps in the editing of your blog theme. You can make simple changes like color, padding, and others for improving Your Blog. Especially for Wordpress themes knowing CSS and Php help you to keep improving Your Blog.

Learn CSS At Youtube or W3Schools.

3: PHP [ HyperText Preprocessor]

If You have a WordPress Blog learning Php will act as a Magic Jack. You can quickly fix 80% issue by knowing Php and You can make Your own Plugins also make money by selling those plugins.

Php is a server-side scripting language which can very helpful for web development and this helps in extending the features of your WordPress blog.

Learn PHP AT Youtube or


JavaScript is another Programming language which you can learn in your free time it is mostly used in blog templates designing and it can help you to beautify Your website with jQuery.

Learn JavaScript At Youtube or W3 Schools website.


Well, this is a tutorial about Why Programming languages are So Important for blogger but If You have no interest to learn programming language then You can learn Photoshop or video editing for developing your blogging career. You also make lots of money through those skills and it is useful in every blog.

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Great post. These are must learn programming languages for the bloggers. I mean most of the bloggers do not actually focus on learning programming languages. They must know some basics of these languages to be successful. I had a friend who could not even change the footer of his wordpress theme. It is very easy to become a web developer. I have mentioned the whole process in my blog