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Work From Home: Home Office Security Tips

The biggest online security threat we’ve found was information being weaponized. A recent example would be the bogus World Health Organization app created by a group of hackers. Once installed, the application downloads the Cerberus banking trojan to steal sensitive data. The attacks essentially weaponize tools and information, because they can easily be done with applications that provide legitimate benefits, too.

To protect company assets from threats like this, we have a cloud infrastructure that employees can tunnel in through a VPN with encryption. We also use a password manager so login details to different systems aren’t just pasted on some random Google doc.

I have separate devices for personal and work use and will find a way to help employees do the same if they wanted to. Regardless of whether they have separate computers or not, we all follow strict protocols when it comes to handling and sharing company data, physical safety measures while working at home, etc.

I’d strongly advise companies who’ve transitioned to working remotely to review areas in their operations where they could be vulnerable to cyberattacks and create a plan of action to prevent this from happening.

Hope this was useful.

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