Hi, I'm Allan Daemon

allandaemon profile image Allan Daemon ・1 min read

I have been coding since 12 years old.

You can find me on GitHub as AllanDaemon

I live in Uberlândia - Brazil.

I work in a startup.

I mostly program in these languages: Python, C, Bash (Shell Script).

I am currently learning more about Computer Vision, Rust.

I also love Reverse Engineering, Unix, Theoretical Computing stuffs, Free Software movement, Hacking (broad sense of the word), languages - from computer to natural ones (English, Latin, Greek, Esperanto, etc). There are many things I love to a very broad scope.

Nice to meet you.


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Ben Halpern

Welcome!! You are into a lot of very fascinating subjects, I really hope you write about some of it here, we'd love to feature this kind of stuff. 😁