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Tips For Learning How To Code

After watching Eddie Jaoude's youtube video. I felt inspired to add my tips on learning how to code.

1. Focus on the fundamentals

Whatever field of software development you are learning fundamentals are important! We use a lot of abstractions. Work on what is the core of the idea/tech. i.e. Front end Development - HTML5, CSS, JavaScript(Vanilla). These core skills keep you library and framework agnostic. Allowing you to quickly move to another technology

2. Solve Problems

Solve Problems - solve all the problems. Start small - no need to start using Leetcode right away. Start off with codewars or edabit. The more problems you solve the better you will be.

3. Make Practice Projects

Just watching tutorials doesn't help you. You need to do something with it. Make a small application on the core ideas. Doesn't matter if your learning how to use console.log or neural networks. Do this 2-3 times. Don't move on until you have mastered the idea/concept. Put the best of the 3 projects in a learning path GitHub repository. This helps with getting a small portfolio together.

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